Timeless Tefillah
“The voice is the voice of Jacob.”
Genesis 25:22

When you utter the words, “Hear O’ Israel,” would it not be wonderful to be able to hear, deep down, the rhythms, the chords, the roots and the meaning of what you say?

One of Judaism’s core contributions to the world is to develop the human need to pray and imbue all its variations – personal and communal prayer, requests, praise, thanksgiving – with meaning and purpose.

Over six sessions, we’ll get an overview of different approaches to tefillah, and seek to understand the Jewish people’s Divine mission, and how prayer is part of fulfilling it.

After establishing principles for the modes and purpose of prayer in general, we will examine the prayers in the Siddur such as Shema, Amidah, Kaddish, Pesukei D’Zimrah, and others. This approach serves as a framework for understanding each of these prayer’s roots in the Tanach.

By examining the way the different modes of prayer are set out in the Siddur, and their inter-relationship, we hope to gain insight into the overall framework in which tefillah operates, enhancing the general practice and understanding of Jewish prayer.

Join the Academy and Sam Greenblatt as we examine how the structure and purpose of Jewish prayer, tefillah, were constructed through foundational principles to be found in the Tanach and related commentaries.

In partnership with Emunah


Timeless Tefillah
The Pattern of Prayer
Number of sessions
Start date
17 May 2016
Tuesday, 9:00am
Emunah Beit Midrash, Glenhazel
Men and women welcome
Sam Greenblatt
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