Torah in a Nutshell

What would it be like to comprehend the Chumash (the first five books of the Torah) as a complete, organic entity? Not a bit here and a bit there, but a solid grasp of how it all fits together along with a grounding in all the foundation concepts?

This pioneering course from the London School of Jewish Studies, under its president, Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, has given thousands of people world-wide a paradigm-shifting perspective in just 6 sessions! The course examines the Chumash from seven key perspectives while at the same time giving over a methodology for analysing any part of the Chumash, utilising classic methods of analysis.

A major part of the course is work done by the student which helps one acquire knowledge and context way beyond what one achieves in a passive process. However, no knowledge of Hebrew or extensive background is needed.

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In partnership with Yeshiva College and Mizrachi Shul


Torah in a Nutshell
Get the whole picture
Start date
29 October 2015
Thursday night, 7:30–9:30pm
Number of sessions
Tzeirei TzionYeshiva College Campus, Long Avenue, Glenhazel
Rabbi Ramon Widmonte
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In association with Mizrachi South Africa and the London School of Jewish Studies (President: Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Dean: Dr. Raphael Zarum)