Academy Book Club 2 David Kramer - State of the Heart

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Course Start Date Sunday 2nd May / 1 Session
Start Time 19:30 pm (SA Time)
Venue LIVE on Zoom

The Academy Book Club is a space for those who love reading, who love books, or think, as many of our ancestors did, that the true wealth of the Jewish people lies in our ideas, thoughts and books.

Once a month or so, join us to discuss a fascinating book on a Jewish topic, with the author and other Academy readers; or be inspired to read a book you’ve never read by a person you’ve never heard of. Join the Academy as we meet wordsmiths and find out what makes them write the words they do.

Join us as we meet David Kramer, author of “State of the Heart: Stories of a Humanitarian Israel”. This book takes us on a journey of Israel's humanitarian efforts that began more than 70 years ago and continues unabated throughout the world today. In this extraordinary and inspiring collection of over 50 stories, personal interviews, and photographs, David describes the benevolence and altruism that characterises the nation of Israel. He engages the reader with narratives that identify and provide a glimpse into the compassionate soul of the Israeli people.

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