Begin Symposium

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Course Start Date Wednesday 16th June / 1 session
Start Time 10:00 am (SA Time)
Venue LIVE on YouTube

Menachem Begin's legacy is complex, but his commitment to principles over expediency, and the charisma, courage and passion that were the touchstones of his political and personal life, have much to teach us—about Israel, about Jewish peoplehood, and about strong, ethical leadership.

This international symposium, coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of the Osirak Nuclear Reactor Bombing, examines Menachem Begin's legacy and relevance in today's world, with a focus on key elements of his leadership.

The Academy presents a YouTube Premiere of this Symposium, where you can hear the likes of President Reuven Rivlin, Yossi Klein Halevy and Rabbi Dr Meir Soloveitchik discuss the legacy of a man who was both uncompromising in his defence of Jewish rights, and committed to the values of freedom and democracy.

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