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Bitcoin and Bible

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Bitcoin and Bible.

A journey with explorers of Bitcoin and Spirituality.

If history could teach us anything, it would be that private property is inextricably linked with civilisation. - Ludwig von Mieses

No, this is not a course trying to convince you to buy Bitcoin. It will be an absorbing journey into a world most of us only see in the headlines: What makes money, money? Why is Bitcoin a thing (for beginners)? Does Judaism see a link between monetary systems and the way humans view themselves as ethical agents?

These are some of the questions which, believe it or not, are core to the people who built Bitcoin and there are some fascinating parallels between Bitcoin’s genesis and structure and Jewish spiritual concepts.

Join The Academy, Amnon Melzer, David Rabinowitz and Rabbi Ramon Widmonte on a journey into two parallel universes: Bitcoin and Judaism.

Times are SAST
(South Africa)

Session 1: Thursday 9 November, 7:45 PM
Session 2: Thursday 16 November, 7:45 PM
Session 3: Thursday 23 November, 7:45 PM
Session 4: Thursday 30 November, 7:45 PM
Session 5: Thursday 7 December,, 7:45 PM



FACULTY: Rabbi Ramon Widmonte, Amnon Melzer and David Rabinowitz

PLEASE NOTE: This course is taking place on Zoom only

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