Breishit – Handbook for Humanity

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Course Start Date Tuesday 17th November / 4 Sessions
Start Time 7:30pm (SA Time)
Venue LIVE on Zoom

Breishit – Handbook for Humanity For many of us, Breishit (Genesis) is a book of talking snakes, sudden floods and babbling towers, ideas we relegate to the realm of children’s stories. But that is not its true legacy. Sometimes just one line of Genesis has been enough to overturn centuries of tyranny; it is indeed the Handbook for Humanity.

How do we reconcile our perception of morality and Hashem’s? What is the perfect balance between individual rights and duties, on the one hand, and social cohesion on the other? What is moral leadership? These are just some of the questions that Breishit poses and that we will consider.

Join Dr Dean Lutrin and the Academy as he shows how Breishit in fact is a coherent and comprehensive dialogue on how all human beings should live as creative individuals in society, and how we can build sustainable and productive communities.

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