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Lights, Camera, Chutzpah - Learn When You Like

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Another Great "Learn When You Like" Course

Number of sessions 5

"Sunday? But that’s Simchas Torah!”
– Val Kilmer in “Top Secret”

The history of cinema is intertwined with stories of Jewish influence, experience and philosophy.

Join the Academy and Sam Greenblatt, as we explore the evolution of film through a specifically Jewish lens. We will trace the history of the Jewish component of Hollywood through the last 100 years. Along the way we will stop to examine the problems of portraying the Holocaust on screen, and how this question has been addressed over time. We will also look at common Jewish themes in the movies: exile, immigration, Israel and representations of Jewish tradition; and also the common stereotypes: the outsider, the schlemiel and the superhero! We will consider what it takes to watch a film in a specifically Jewish way, with a healthy dollop of classic film theory, which Sam, with his MA in film, will provide.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-recorded course and is not live. You will receive links to notes and videos where applicable post-checkout. The checkout process will use the normal course gateway.

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