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Maharal - Love or Desire? Awe or Fear? (Parts 3 and 4)

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Our emotional connection to Hashem.

You shall love Hashem your G-d" and "You shall fear Hashem your G-d." Both of these are foundational concepts in the Torah's outline of our relationship with Hashem. But which one is it? Must we love or must we fear? Can it be both - and if so, how?

Join the Academy and Rav Ramon Widmonte as we dive into the thought of the Maharal of Prague as he navigates the seas of our emotional connection to Hashem - exploring Love, Desire, Awe and Fear and mapping out a process to develop a healthier, balanced relationship with Hashem.

Times are SAST
(South Africa)


Session 1: 16 August

Session 2: 23 August

Session 3: 30 August

Session 4: 06 September

Session 5: 13 September

Session 6: 20 September

SESSIONS: 6 Sessions in Term 3 from 16 August - 20 September
6 Sessions in Term 4 (term dates are being finalised)

JOIN US: LIVE ON ZOOM or IN PERSON at a private residence in Glenhazel
or a combination of both depending on your availability.

FACULTY: Rav Ramon Widmonte

PLEASE NOTE: The Maharal series is comprised of four self-contained parts. While we believe that you will enjoy the greatest benefit from attending the full year course, there is no reason not to join in at any time. Notes and recordings are provided for any sessions you may have missed.

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