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Course Start Date hidden_attribute: Starting Term 2 on 17 May
Course Start Time hidden_attribute: Start time: 7:45pm (SA time)
Link to Zoom hidden_attribute:
Zoom Meeting ID: 851 3172 2489
Zoom Password hidden_attribute: thinker613
Physical Location:: At a private residence in Glenhazel (TBC)

The famed Maharal of Prague, a towering 16th-century community leader, Halachic authority, educator and Kabbalist, is known for the legend of the Golem, but his Torah scholarship has remained a closed book to English speakers for far too long.

In reality, the Maharal stood at the juncture between the medieval world and modernity; between the scholastics and the renaissance; between the rationalist Rambam (Maimonides) and the Mystical Chassidim. His work and ideas were a pivot for Jewry, which came to adopt so many of his foundational views and thoughts, that most today cannot imagine that other principles were ever even considered.

Join the Academy and Rav Ramon Widmonte, author of both volumes of the Tiferet Yisrael (both published by Urim), for a year-long dive with the Maharal into the depths of life's greatest questions:
  • How can finite humans connect with an infinite G-d?
  • How can our physically-performed mitzvot impact our spiritual destinies?
  • Can our intellects connect to G-d, or is it our souls or actions?
  • How can there be ritually observant Jews who behave immorally?
  • What is the path to self-fulfillment?

Our journey will take us through the Maharal's life, his times, the prevailing thinking in the Jewish world around him, and finally into his profound exploration of Torah.

Times are SAST
(South Africa)
7:45 PM
Running all year
Starting Term 2 on 17 May

SESSIONS: 7 Sessions in Term 2: 17 May - 28 June

JOIN US: LIVE ON ZOOM or IN PERSON at a private residence in Glenhazel
or a combination of both depending on your availability.

FACULTY: Rav Ramon Widmonte

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