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Mishnah in a Nutshell

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Course Start Date hidden_attribute: Start date: Monday 22 August | 5 Sessions
Course Start Time hidden_attribute: Start time: 7:45pm (SA time)
Link to Zoom hidden_attribute: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84090625331?pwd=SHdPbEY0ZE9uY0duYlNINEVHOFlwQT09
Zoom Meeting ID: 840 9062 5331
Zoom Password hidden_attribute: thinker613

22 August
29 August
5 September
12 September
19 September
Start Time 7:45 PM
All times are CAT (South Africa, Johannesburg)
Number of sessions 5
Virtual or In person in Johannesburg LIVE on Zoom
In person - Johannesburg

This is the Talmud, which is like a great sea...
Midrash Shir Hashirim Rabbah 5

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide,
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
- John Masefield

The Sea of Talmud is majestic, awe-inspiring and one of the greatest works of humankind. But at the same time, even for those who have studied it for years, it is so vast and uncharted, that it is so daunting to set out into it. The Mishnah in a Nutshell Series is the first holistic approach that enables a structured, mapped approach to the backbone of all Oral Law — the Mishnah. Each component of Mishnah is treated using the same methodology, empowering students for the first time ever to approach these texts with a total grasp of each masechet (tractate), using the tools of ancient commentators, the Gemara, as well as modern literary techniques.

Join the Academy and Rav Ramon Widmonte and dive into the clear, refreshing waters of life, the Mishnah.


This course is taking place in Johannesburg and on Zoom

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