Musical Jews

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Course Start Date Monday 9th November / 4 Sessions
Start Time 8:00pm (SA Time)
Venue LIVE on Zoom

Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. – Leonard Bernstein

What makes a musical Jew? Or what makes music Jewish? To answer these questions, join the Academy musicians in delving into the Jewish music and composers of the last 200 years. Here we’ll look at the influences, philosophies and experiences that make up the world of melodious Jews.

Join the Academy music virtuosos – Sam Greenblatt, Gila Chitiz and Rabbi Doron Chitiz – along with some cameo performances to explore the world of Jewish music.

Quick overview:
4 session
1. Outside in or inside out? Jewish composers of the Romantic period to songwriters of the 1920s.
2. Evolution or revolution I – From chazzanut to “chassidish”; from shul to the concert hall
3. Evolution or revolution II – The Carlebach revolution; mysticism re-enters the story; the African influence
4. A musical connection – Do we feel the connection between our Jewish soul and our musical essence?

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