Jewish Organ Transplants

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Course Start Date Monday 24th August / 3 Sessions
Start Time 7:30pm (SA Time)
Venue LIVE on Zoom

Save a life! But aren't Jews "against" organ donation? What happens to the soul if a person has donated organs? How can one remove an organ from a living person - isn't that murder? And isn't it just a bit morbid to plan for your death?

These and a host of other questions are part and parcel of a thoughtful approach to a topic which is on the one hand, fascinating, gory, morbid and inspiring. As with everything else, the Torah offers nuanced approaches to these questions which enrich our spiritual, ethical and moral spaces.

Join the Academy and Rav Ramon Widmonte for an in-depth exploration of these questions and others. Find your path amongst all these questions, concerns and opportunities and, should you wish, enroll in SA's first programme to become an Halachic Organ donor.

Because the heart of the matter, is life.

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