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The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning is a vibrant, Modern Orthodox programme for Jewish thought, scholarship and education that seeks to inspire adults with a lifelong love of Jewish learning.


Beginning in August 2012, The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning is the largest Jewish adult learning programme in South Africa today. With over 1 500 students countrywide, the Academy offers a unique style of empowering, adult learning coupled with exposure to some of South Africa’s top Jewish educators.


The Academy showcases the best of relevant Jewish thought and values within the traditional Jewish community – the result of which is that many intelligent Jews, who had once dismissed Judaism as a source of any bearing to their lives, have re-engaged.


The Academy is a mature, adult space – non-coercive, stimulating, interactive, collaborative and dynamic.


The Academy works with the London School of Jewish Studies (LSJS) and its President, Chief Rabbi Mirvis; Emeritus President, Rabbi Lord Sacks; its Dean, Rabbi Dr. Raphael Zarum, and its faculty to bring to South Africa an adaption of the mode of thinking, pedagogics and education which LSJS has pioneered in the UK.


Since inception, we have branched out to include several new areas such as facilitating Master’s degrees in Jewish Education through LSJS, teacher training and school syllabus creation. The Academy has undertaken to train teachers (Jewish and non-Jewish) in the Jewish Day School system as well as for schools in other countries. We are also active in the non-Jewish education space, teaching students and training teachers on environmental and sustainability topics in previously-disadvantaged South African schools.


Our faculty is drawn from the wide base of thinking, passionate Jews throughout South Africa. Most are professionals by day – doctors, professors, actuaries, lawyers, teachers, psychologists, conservationists and some Rabbis. All are united by their quest for knowledge, love of Torah and desire to learn from and with the members of The Academy community.

Click here to read our 2018 Annual Report and Audited Financials. 



The Academy is Re-Imagining Jewish Education. Join us on this journey and partake in the Educational Revolution!

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National Education Development Programme

NED is the first project in South Africa to drive 21st century Jewish Educational Leadership, Training and Enrichment. The Academy has created a host of options for Jewish educational professionals — from Adult Educators to School Educators and Rabbis and Rebbetzins to Leaders in these areas. We have courses to provide knowledge and skills, enabling access to programmes all the way to the Bachelors and Masters level with degrees in Jewish education provided by LSJS. Depending on your personal circumstances, experience and previous educational qualifications, NED will offer you a number of different options.

Please click here to sign up and explore options for the NED Programme.

Thirst For Hope, is a grassroots project instilling hope in underprivileged children across South Africa. Through the implementation of Israeli AgriTech technology, Thirst for Hope feeds over 3500 underprivileged youth daily through development of sustainable feeding scheme gardens using Israeli Technology.



ADDRESS: 372 Rivonia Boulevard, Edenburg, 2128, Johannesburg South Africa

TEL: (+27) 010.140.2099  |


In Association with LSJS; President: Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
Dean: Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum; President Emeritus: Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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