National Education Development Programme

NED is the first project in South Africa to drive 21st century Jewish Educational Leadership, Training and Enrichment. The Academy has created a host of options for Jewish educational professionals — from Adult Educators to School Educators and Rabbis and Rebbetzins to Leaders in these areas. We have courses to provide knowledge and skills, enabling access to programmes all the way to the Bachelors and Masters level with degrees in Jewish education provided by LSJS. Depending on your personal circumstances, experience and previous educational qualifications, NED will offer you a number of different options.

Frequently asked questions


When do these programmes begin?

As of April 2021, we are gathering all the teachers together as quickly as possible to understand which courses people want and when. We need minimum numbers to begin, but it seems that the first programme to kick off will be the 1-year Hebrew Certificate, which will start in May or June 2021. Following that, the bridging programme around the same time.

Are these courses and degrees all accredited?

Every course offered is accredited by local or international colleges and universities. The bridging programme may include accredited elements as well.


How can I pay for all this?

We accept your left kidney as payment. (Just kidding). Over the past four years, the Academy has helped more than 30 students in South Africa achieve their MA’s in Jewish Education, and to do this we set up some really exciting funding options for educators only. 1. The FutureFund - a fund built to provide scholarships to educators intending on teaching in SA. 2. The Educators 0% interest Study Loan - a study loan programme built for you - to lend educators funds at 0% interest to help pay for your education in partnership with the JFLA (Jewish Free Loan Association). 3. Ma’alot - our Ma’alot incentive programme helps educators who complete their education well to gain amazing prizes, including paying for the sum total of their education (if you do well!) 4. Schools are expected to help pay a bit, as are the educators themselves.

Bridging Programme q’s

I have years of teaching experience but I have no BA, and I’d love to get a PGCE, how can you help?

We created the bridging programme specifically for you. The steps you follow are simple: 1. You fill in your entire educational background and join the programme. 2. We meet and chat (online or in real life with coffee!) 3. We create a personalised bridging programme for you to help you qualify as quickly as possible for the PGCE. 4. You do the bridging programme which helps fill in the gaps, as well as helping you prepare a portfolio to qualify for the PGCE, as well as preparing you for your PGCE interview which will ascertain if you have achieved a level of knowledge and general skills similar to the level you would have, through a BA. The bridging programme will help you acquire knowledge and skills. 5. Please G-d you pass; and you are in!

How long is the Bridging Programme?

Minimum of 9 months.


What is a PGCE and is it accredited?

A PGCE (Post-graduate Certificate in Education) is the minimum qualification needed to teach in a school legally in South Africa (and generally around the world). The PGCE is 100% accredited in SA and wherever a South African PGCE is accepted internationally.

What does the PGCE include?

The PGCE includes modules on general educational theory and practise, as well as items directly applicable to South Africa’s education system. Additionally, you have to choose at least two specialisations. The PGCE offers Jewish Studies and Hebrew teaching as specialisations, but you could also take modules like English, Maths or Science teaching if you are qualified for these.

Is the PGCE done online?

Mostly, yes. There are some practical aspects, including supervision, which are done in person.

How long does the PGCE take?

The PGCE can be done at your own pace - from 1 year up to 2 years, very part time.

How much Hebrew or Jewish Studies knowledge do I need to do the Hebrew or Jewish studies PGCE?

The equivalent of 2nd year BA level knowledge in these subjects.

Hebrew Certificate

How good does my Hebrew need to be to do the Hebrew Certificate?

You’ll do a quick online test as well as an interview with us to ascertain your level of Hebrew. On the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) you need to have Intermediate Mid. If you don’t, don’t panic, we have a catch-up class!

Hebrew Teaching MA

How good does my Hebrew need to be to do the MA in Hebrew Teaching?

You’ll do a quick online test as well as an interview with us to ascertain your level of Hebrew. On the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) you need to have Advanced Mid. If you don’t, don’t panic, do the certificate!

Masters of Education