Harry Potter & the Transfigurated Kichel

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Course Start Date Tuesday 20 April / 4 Sessions
Start Time 7:30 pm (SA Time)
Venue LIVE on Zoom

Harry Potter’s world is a fantastical place of magic and spells, dragons and other fantastic beasts. A beloved series for children, the books find space for adults as the universal themes of good and evil, of heroism and chosenness are interwoven into and behind the tales. What if we entered this world – as Jews? What would we find? Are our values in conflict or in harmony with the subtle narratives of this universe?

Combining a flight of imagination with practical Halacha, fabulous theoretical constructs with Jewish philosophy, we’ll unveil new thoughts on ancient ideas, new understandings about foundational concepts. Can wizards justify leaving Muggles in the dark, or are they a light unto the nations? Is Transfiguration any different from Elijah’s miracles? Is one allowed to do "magic" according to Halacha? Can you eat Kosher at Hogwarts? Where does "Avada Kedavra" come from, and where does it send you? Is the "Chosen One" a Messiah?

Apparate with the Academy and Rabbi Sam Thurgood into the realm of Harry Potter; vault your local privet and enter Hogwarts as we explore Jewish issues and ideas through this wondrous wizarding world.

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