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Course Start Date Wednesday 19th August / 5 Sessions
Start Time 7:30pm (SA Time)
Venue LIVE on Zoom

Where is the Garden of Eden? Did Adam and Eve eat an apple? Was Jonah swallowed by a whale? Is Tu Be’Av the Jewish Valentine’s Day? Is G-d male? Do angels have wings? Find out the truth to these questions and more with Rabbi Doron Chitiz and the Academy in our very own MythBusters series!

Together we’ll unpack some very familiar stories or ideas in Judaism, whether narrative or law, ethic or festival. We’ll delve into these to uncover the truth – are they myth or fact? We’ll question assumptions and find that not everything is black and white. And what we’ll discover is that the truth is more complex and more beautiful than we might have imagined.

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In Association with LSJS; President: Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
Dean: Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum; President Emeritus: Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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