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So much has changed since we spent such a life-changing period together in Poland.
But one thing hasn't changed - the Academy's commitment to inspiring, transforming and uplifting our community's Jewish and Zionist knowledge and  identity - from adults to school learners, educators to university students, we have spread our wings, and even in the midst of Covid, have grown.
Just last month we graduated our first three MA Jewish Education students, providing our country with its first cohort of qualified, accredited Jewish educators; these educators will be the nurturers of the next generation of passionate Jews. We have an even split of candidates in Johannesburg and Cape Town. But to enable our community to have such qualified people for the first time has required us to set up SA's first educators' interest-free loan fund, and a scholarship fund.
Additionally, the Academy has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 5 months, with many adult students learning with us via our App and via our live and pre-recorded courses; but so many of them cannot afford the costs, and we never turn a student away. 
Lastly, our three new projects for this year are detailed below and include us nurturing the Jewish students at SA universities through our partnership with SAUJS, our TeenStream programme for teens and schools, and finally, SA's first programme to enable large-scale Halachic organ donation.

Before Rosh Hashanah this year, we appeal to you. Due to your vision and investment, we will be able to ensure we can do what we do. Please see below a special prayer and meditation we have put together for this period, as well as the options for contributions. Our aim is to achieve greater stability through monthly annuity support, which we would much appreciate; all contributions are 18a qualifying. Please click here to see some Academy Snapshots and here for an overview of our new and exciting programming.
Kind regards,
Rabbi Ramon Widmonte
Dean of The Academy

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