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Academy Membership Programme

  • Value Membership

    Every month
    Beginner membership for all content
    • Access to 2 Academy courses per Term
    • Access to 2 Learn when You Like Courses per term
    • 10% Discount of Koren at Kollel Bookshop*
    • 25% Discount off iMadethisHaggadah*
    • Access to all free content our Academy APP
  • Best Value

    VIP Membership

    Every month
    Exclusive Membership for all your Academy content!
    • Attend 5 courses of your choice per term
    • Access to 5 Learn When you Like courses
    • 20% Discount of Koren at Kollel Bookshop*
    • 50% Discount off iMadethisHaggadah*
    • First notification on international tours and trips
    • Access to all content our Academy APP
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